exTRAVELganza: holga shots

so we got a holga camera when we went up to richmond for our anniversary. we shot a roll when we were up there, and none of them turned out very well. we took it with us on our journey back home, and shot almost 3 rolls. i just got 2 of them developed (still a few more to take to finish off the last roll), and there were a few that weren't too bad, if i say so myself! sure, they're not great, but at least some of them are partially in focus (although some of them are pretty dark, but i guess you'll have that with a camera like this)... here are a few:

a rusty metal dinosaur in downtown waynesville:

margaret and krystal chillin in downtown waynesville:

my wifey sittin on a picnic table:

krystal and margaret dancing at the wedding:

here's one of waffles sun bathing before she got her cast off:


b rendan said...

the waffles one is fantastic!

Templeton said...

I like the waffles one too. The one of Krystal on the picnic table is my fave of the bunch. I like the dark vignetting.

Brian said...

A Holga is better than any digital camera out there. Nice work