writing exercise #1

so, i turned in my first homework assignment for my comic writing class tonight. in the first class last week we focused on script writing and how a comic script should be formatted. which resulted in the below 6-panel script. the idea for the story started out as just a picture i had in my head, we'll see if it ends up going anywhere.


XX is in her early-to-mid twenties; a bit of a tomboy; medium height and build; she has medium length, straight dark hair with blunt bangs. XY is in his early-to-mid twenties; tall and slender; with medium length, tousled brown hair covering his forehead. They are roommates and have been friends since middle school. XY just awoke up to find a thin, foot long branch growing out of his forehead.

1) We open on them in mid-conversation; XY sitting up in his bed still under the covers. XX is sitting cross-legged at the foot of the bed facing him, looking curiously at the branch. He is tenderly touching one of the sparse leaves growing off of it.
XX: So...
XX: ...you woke up, and it was just sticking out of your head?
XY: Its not sticking out. Its growing out.

2) She looks flippant and rolls her eyes.
XX: Yeah... sorry. GROWING.
XX: So, what the hell did you do last night that resulted in the sapling growing out of your head?

3) We now see XX face-on with the branch growing out at the viewer, going slightly out of focus.
XY: Its gonna sound retarded... but I had this dream...
XX (from off panel): ...here we go...

4) We see XX's black silhouette on a red background. His arms are outstretched, with his head split vertically from the crown down to mid-torso. Growing out of the split is a large full-grown tree with thick branches.
XX speaking in caption: It was so messed up. All I remember is having a headache that got worse and worse. And then my head felt like it just ripped apart and this HUGE tree just shot out of it...

5) She is flipping through a magazine, looking bored, not lifting her eyes while she speaks. He is still sitting on the bed looking up at the branch.
XY: ...I know there was more to it, I just can't remember.
XX: You know how boring it is to hear someone recount their dreams?
XY: Great. Thanks for the support...

6) She gets up, tossing the magazine on the on the bed as she leaves the room. He's scooted to the edge of the bed with his legs hanging off, ready to get up.
XY: Will you please leave so I can get dressed and figure out what the hell I'm going to do about this thing?
XX: Fine. You do have to give me some credit though...
XX (looking back with a smirk): ...I did avoid all of the the obvious "morning wood" jokes.


posting this actually makes me nervous. its odd for me to share something that i'm unsure of. i have no problem posting crappy sketches, but this, for some reason, feels different. hopefully that feeling goes away. my teacher will be reading it this week and returning it with comments. sort of anxious to see what he has to say...

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