waffles, the cyborg

well, maybe she's an android... i'm not sure exactly what the difference is. but now that she's got a microchip in her back AND a metal plate and screws in her arm, she must qualify for one of them.

yeah, its a very sad situation. last saturday, we were out playing with the dogs in the back yard, getting ready to go for a swim. we were playing fetch with waffles, and she, as always, was running full force. unfortunately, she couldn't stop herself before she ran into the fence. we both ran over to her and saw that her front right arm had an extra bend in it, much like this:

so krystal scooped her up (and was promptly bitten on the chin because waffles was sort of freakin' out), and we hauled ass to the nearest vet.

they did an x-ray to see how bad it was. it was a pretty clean break, but that also meant that it wouldn't heal correctly on its own. they said they would have to do surgery to put a stabilizing plate with screws in. and they couldn't do it until monday when a surgeon was in. so they had to sedate her, put her in a splint, and keep her there until the surgery monday morning.

everything went really well. she has to be in a cast for 6 weeks. she seems more frustrated than anything. shes already getting her energy back, and realizing she can't do what she wants to. but i guess that's nothing we can't deal with...


Kellette said...

poor waffles! and poor parents too, that's hard to see your dog frustrated and in pain...feel better soon waffles!

Templeton said...

She's such a little ball of energy, she must be frustrated. Stay up Waffles!