are things starting to turn up for the werners?

so, basically, things have been pretty shitty. everyone knows that. waffles breaks her leg. extreme family drama with crazy hungarian inlaw. someone breaks into my car (in my own driveway no less) where my ipod is stolen. stress at work.
yeah. shitty.

well, i dont want to curse anything (even though kim offered to de-curse us by burning white sage), so i'll knock on wood. but this week has been really nice!
last night, sarah and justin invited us over for dinner. well, we get there, and they planned this whole, amazing ninja-themed dinner planned just to raise our spirits! sarah was wearing a kimono. they made their own placemats with ninjas on them. there was bamboo and lanterns. and then, another girl they work with (who turns out was, at one time, the tennessee state marshal arts champion) came out, dressed as a ninja and did this whole nunchuck show and brought out grilled meat served on sai! it was amazing. and! sarah, the best dessert maker ever, made banana spring rolls with honey and vanilla ice cream. absolutely hilarious and great evening.


its been a long time waiting (and saving up funds bit by bit), but we got a playstation 3! which may not be exciting for some, but i'm a huge nerd, and it makes me happy. it came with metal gear solid 4. now, i've never played any of the metal gear games (the first of which dates back 20 years, which means its got a long, complicated storyline that i know nothing about), but it is awesome! i'm usually not a huge fan of shooters, but this is a "stealth action" game, which calls for some more strategy, which i love. and thus far, the story is so applicable to all the shit that is going on in the world with a little sci-fi twist.
and the graphics are awesome to boot. and also, its a blu-ray player which up-samples regular dvds. meaning, the next movie night we have is going to be awesome.

lets hope things continue on this up-turn...


Templeton said...

Those are some pretty awesome things to get your spirits up. I got addicted to the metal Gear Solid on PS1 back in the day.

Kellette said...

Metal Gear Nintendo....ultimate sweetness back in the day. glad things are going your way

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! Sai's are so cool!