grey skies clearing?

not quite yet...

back story: going down to pick up krystal's dad from the hospital, we loaded up our car with a bunch of stuff out of his van to bring back with us (in hopes of selling it). among some of his clothes, personal documents and other little stuff, we grabbed a fairly large tv and a huge chest of tools. both very heavy. they've been in the back of my car because, as i said, they're very heavy and we weren't quite sure what we were going to do with them or where to put them until we did. no worries though, they're heavy and securely tucked in the back of my car.

fast forward to today: everything is all well and good. driving home from work and POP! i look in my rear-view mirror and the tv had shifted and broke out my back window. it didn't just crack, oh no. it put a hole in it. and i hear the crackle sound of the rest of the window breaking. great. so, so stop tiny pieces of glass from raining down on the road behind me, i push the entirety of my window (in tiny, tiny pieces) into the back of my car.

hooray for life.


shooteverybody said...

but, the TV's okay right?

ambur said...

Here is my advice at this point.

Burningman is safer then Thailand.

I'll make you mango sticky rice.